Causes of insomnia and how to fight it

Causes of insomnia and how to fight it

On how many occasions have we not stopped looking at the clock at night because we cannot fall asleep! What are the causes of insomnia and how to combat it in these cases? When a person does not rest properly and this continues over time, it can be said that there is a problem. In addition, this influences work and physical performance, as well as your mood.

Sleep Music YouTube videos could be the best cure for this problem. Constantly tossing and turning in bed is exasperating, normally it is due to stressful situations or emotional problems, so you will have to put yourself in professional hands. Currently, there are different therapies to combat insomnia and rest well at night. In many cases, this type of condition can be temporary; however, if it begins to be frequent, it will alter our normal life.

What is insomnia?

Insomnia   is characterized as a sleep disorder that makes it difficult for a person to sleep. This causes fatigue and interferes with daily activities, so that the affected person feels drowsy during the day. It can also affect concentration and reduce alertness. Although it is true that it is much more frequent in women, with problems derived from anxiety and depression, it can occur at any time and with any type of profile.

According to data from the Spanish Sleep Society (SES) , one in five Spaniards suffers from transient insomnia. It is considered to be one of the most common sleep disorders in the general population and a reason for consultation. Why is it necessary to treat it if this problem persists? It is important that we treat it, since we find ourselves much more exposed to certain risks and accidents, so insomnia therapy should be done to combat it.


There is no single cause to justify insomnia, really, there are many factors that influence the loss of sleep. In this list, we mention some reasons why people cannot sleep well.

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  • Emotional problems. If there are emotional or psychological disorders, it could be common not to fall asleep. In addition, it is usually accompanied by physical symptoms such as palpitations, headaches or chills. The most normal thing is that different pictures of stress, anxiety or fear, among others, occur.
  • Bad habits.  If the person does not have a discipline and takes long naps, takes stimulants or uses technological devices before going to sleep, he will feel that it is more difficult for him to rest.
  • Punctual stress. On certain occasions, people have more workload, we are exposed to family problems, we have lost a loved one, we must overcome a divorce or make a move. In any of these cases, it may be that our lives are affected and we have greater difficulties sleeping.
  • Medical causes . Likewise, it may be that there are diseases or the taking of medications that prevent relaxation at the time of going to sleep. From a stinging, itching to intense pain influence insomnia.
  • Excessive eating. It has been shown that eating copiously before going to bed can disturb sleep. Sometimes physical discomfort or reflux arises that affect the stomach and keep us awake.


We all know the importance of getting a good night’s sleep and rest in order to be active throughout the day. There are a series of recommendations that will be of great help if we have difficulty falling asleep. Beyond the typical advice of having a glass of hot milk, there are other options that offer us good results. Some of the aforementioned reasons may be the causes of insomnia and how to combat it is a task that can take a while, but here are several ways.

  • Establish a time routine.  Each person needs a different number of hours to rest. Most adults sleep between 6 and 8 hours, so try to balance these hours throughout the week.
  • Control feeding. In the middle of the afternoon it is no longer recommended to take certain foods and drinks. For example, coffee, tea or chocolate can upset us, so it is advisable to avoid their consumption before going to sleep.
  • Do sport.  Practicing physical activity continuously helps us to be more relaxed and clear our minds. Sport is the best routine to avoid a sedentary lifestyle and relieve tension.
  • Suitable environment. Likewise, we have to sleep in a comfortable and comfortable room. From the use of the pillow, the fabric of the sheets and the ambient temperature influence for a better rest.
  • Psychotherapy. If despite all the attempts, it is not possible to recover sleep, it is best to do a therapy that helps us combat insomnia.  There are people who avoid taking drugs, so putting yourself in the hands of a professional is the best option in some cases.


In conclusion, insomnia affects our quality of life and well-being in general, so we must look for all possible alternatives to prevent this cycle from being altered. Now that you know the causes of insomnia and how to combat it, preventing this condition and getting a deep sleep is possible , if a series of habits are applied before going to sleep.

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